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Full Day Kayak Trips

Kayaking Day Trips

Full One Day Tours & Half Day Tours

There may be no better way to experience the natural beauty of South Florida or the Florida Keys than on a kayaking day trip. Much more than just sightseeing, half and full one day guided kayak tours visit South Florida's exotic ecosystems, witness the diverse wild life and see the incredible tropical scenery... to truly connect with nature. With a variety of guided kayaking tours available, you will find one that pleases. Visit the quiet mangrove backwaters, paddle the near shore flats of the amazing Florida Keys, visit isolated beaches, lounge on deserted islands, paddle crystal clear water, or even explore the Everglades swamp on a guided half day trip, one day tour or guided kayak excursion. You may choose a guided kayak eco tour, half or full day tour, or sunset kayak trip, but whatever you decide, you will have a fun and memorable kayaking adventure.


Half Day Tours

Half Day Kayaking Tours are a perfect way for many to experience the South Florida and Keys outdoors. Averaging about 3 hours, a half day trip gives ample time to get away from the crowds, immerse one's self in nature and return without overexerting. The relaxed pace and easy going oriented attitude of these guided kayak tours are perfect for families with children, young paddlers, more mature kayakers, eco-tourists as well as anyone who just want to get out on the water and have fun.

Mangrove Kayak Eco-Tour »

This is the half day kayak tour everyone is talking about (including The New York Times, Boston Globe, Conde Naste Traveler...) Join Dave for his famous kayak eco-tour through the mangrove trails of Boot Key.

Open Water Sea Kayaking Tour »

Open water guided kayak tours are a great way to experience the calm waters of the American "Caribbean" which is the Florida Keys. The spectacular near shore waters surrounding the Florida Keys are your playground for the half or full day.

Sunset Kayak Tour »

The amazing south Florida sunset is the show for this leisurely paced guided kayak tour. The tropical night awaits!


Full One Day Tours

Get out and explore! Full day guided kayak tours offer ample time to really get a feel for the amazing Keys outdoors. On these kayak trips take a swim in the warm clear water, relax and sunbathe in the golden Florida sun, play Frisbee, snorkel the near shore patch reef, enjoy a tasty picnic on the beach, the possibilities are endless. Or, really cover some distance, if that's you objective. Full day guided kayak tours are for the outdoors lover who never seems to get enough. These kayak trips offer more than enough time to do....whatever, or nothing!

Florida Keys Island Hopping Kayak Tours »

Kayaking between the Keys. Marvel at the spectacular sea life and discover the sandy beaches.

Florida Keys Multisport Excursion Tours »

Kayak + snorkel or Kayak + bike
All day - all inclusive - all adventure

Florida Everglades Kayak & Hiking Tour »

Florida exclusive Hike + Kayak Everglades ecotour

Custom & Private Kayaking Tours »

Exactly what you want, personalize your (eco, exploring, adventure, relaxing...) kayak fanatasy.

Group Kayak Tours »

Not boring! Everyone will enjoy and remember this kayaking trip tailored to your group.

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